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Long Time, No Post

2009-03-27 16:41:47 by MusicBox

Right guys, I've seen some answers coming from those who seem to be interessested in my music.
Thanks a lot. I haven't uploaded any songs recently, I know. Please be a little patient.
I am composing my second album and when that's finished, it will be published here on newgrounds.

Thanks in advance,


Story of a little village

2008-05-08 15:50:20 by MusicBox

Hey evervyone,

This is the idea behind Village:
It has 5 different elements/scenes

Part 1:

The women are talking around the fire. They are thinking about what the village should have for dinner.
While doing that, kids are running around, and animals the whole forest is peaceful.

Part 2:

The men are preparing themeselves for hunting. Men become more and more...
And after a while, they go out in the forest searching for something eatable.

Part 3:

Suddenly, the hunter see a huge boar running around in the deeper side of the forest.
A few men try the kill the boar by shooting arrows.
In the end, the best shooter hits it and the massive boar falls on the ground.

Part 4:

A young couple runs away from the village to their own secret place.
Both are sitting hand in hand on a rock next to a beautiful waterfall.
They just sit there and enjoy the envirement.
(Back to the village)

Part 5:

Men are dancing around the fire in the evaning. The recently shot boar is beeing grilled over the fire.
Women are sitting around and are eating. while their daugthers of them are getting engaged to the nice looking boys.

Other interpretations could fit better of course, but that is the story I wanted to tell :)
Reviews, Comments and tips are welcome (as always).

Hello, I want to introduce myself to you.

2007-12-21 15:23:24 by MusicBox

My name is James, and I love music.

I compose songs or loops with the computer. I really put a lot of passion into my creations.
But I am only 15 no one ever tought me how to compose music, so I have to teach me on my own.
Please don't be that disappointed if you hear just some kind of simple music.
I always try my best and maybe you'll like it :)

I really would like to hear some reviews of you: What could I do better
What shouls I change or make different
(or maybe even) What did you like

My aims: I want to become better with your help.
I want to make people happy with my music.

If you need a certain loop or background-music for a flash game, or something simular, just ask.
I'd love to make one for you.

I must add, a wish of mine is to create soundtracks, but if i haven't got any picture in front of me,
it's a little hard.
Give me a try ok?

Comments on "Raining in Summer": (My first submission)

It was raining outside, everything was dark...
So I just started to compose and the result was this loop.
Many of my friends like it so I wanted to share it with you.
I know the piano always is the repeating through the whole song, but nothing else fit.

I'd like to hear you opinion ;)

Comments on: "Forest Theme"

I saw a movie with a chase through a forest and the music was so brilliant.
So tried to make somethig simular on my own.
I just imagened the picture of being in forest and so this loop came out.
It was a lot of work for me as "musician-noob" .
I really hope you'll like it :)

Comments on: "Battle Theme"

I really must say I love Final-Fantasy; especially the soundtracks of them all.
I'm not a fanatic, nut I really love it.
So, this is just something like a battle theme of one of the fights.
I hope you like it ;)

Reviews for all are very welcome ;)