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Entry #1

Hello, I want to introduce myself to you.

2007-12-21 15:23:24 by MusicBox

My name is James, and I love music.

I compose songs or loops with the computer. I really put a lot of passion into my creations.
But I am only 15 no one ever tought me how to compose music, so I have to teach me on my own.
Please don't be that disappointed if you hear just some kind of simple music.
I always try my best and maybe you'll like it :)

I really would like to hear some reviews of you: What could I do better
What shouls I change or make different
(or maybe even) What did you like

My aims: I want to become better with your help.
I want to make people happy with my music.

If you need a certain loop or background-music for a flash game, or something simular, just ask.
I'd love to make one for you.

I must add, a wish of mine is to create soundtracks, but if i haven't got any picture in front of me,
it's a little hard.
Give me a try ok?

Comments on "Raining in Summer": (My first submission)

It was raining outside, everything was dark...
So I just started to compose and the result was this loop.
Many of my friends like it so I wanted to share it with you.
I know the piano always is the repeating through the whole song, but nothing else fit.

I'd like to hear you opinion ;)

Comments on: "Forest Theme"

I saw a movie with a chase through a forest and the music was so brilliant.
So tried to make somethig simular on my own.
I just imagened the picture of being in forest and so this loop came out.
It was a lot of work for me as "musician-noob" .
I really hope you'll like it :)

Comments on: "Battle Theme"

I really must say I love Final-Fantasy; especially the soundtracks of them all.
I'm not a fanatic, nut I really love it.
So, this is just something like a battle theme of one of the fights.
I hope you like it ;)

Reviews for all are very welcome ;)


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2008-02-10 03:27:11

Exactly same with you....15...thought by myself...
Meh...We are same...welcome to newgrounds =D